As a grassroots, non-profit enterprise, we inspire and support creatives by providing showcasing opportunities through exhibitions and events. We are actively building the inclusive and accessible arts community we always dreamed of.

What we strive for every day, our vision, is to make HIVEArts a hub for all creatives. One that feels like a second home, with a community of people that feel like extended family.

HIVEArts came about out of a want to provide a different approach and an alternative exhibition space to what was available in Blackpool.

Understanding that creativity in all forms should have a place to be displayed, and that all artists regardless of their financial situation should be able to access it, we came together with Jon and David of HIVE Blackpool to provide just that.

Ranging from The Wall (affectionately known as the ‘GuggenHive’) on the ground floor of the HIVE building, where creatives of any discipline and at any level can exhibit for free, to the Alternative Gallery on the first floor, where there is so much space that larger collectives, university exhibitions, auctions and events have felt right at home there, HIVEArts welcomes everyone with open arms.

Over the couple of years that we’ve been active, our community has grown to include people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The misfits, the rogues, the posh ones, the ones with degrees and the ones who have only just started- we have them all and we want more. We want to continue supporting one another, learning from each other, providing a shoulder to lean on and friendships based on mutual respect for what we all have at our core- a love for all things creative.

Blackpool is an incredible melting pot of artists and people. HIVEArts will forever work to support, showcase and give back to our town and the wider Blackpool community. By making the level of talent in this town accessible, by being inclusive of everyone and by having our love of our town at our core, we won’t just help to regenerate the community but our beautiful Blackpool as a whole.


HIVEArts Blackpool

The Wall

The ‘GuggenHive’ Wall is located on the ground floor of HIVE Blackpool.

The beautiful exposed brick is painted an off-white with warm undertones to act as the perfect background for any exhibited art. Running a length of 13m, our wire hanging system allows for easy and adaptable hanging.

The tables, seating and ambience provide an incredible atmosphere for book launches, talks and group activities.

A fantastic prime location to show your work in an incredibly busy, highly respected coffee house in the centre of Blackpool.

The Alternative Gallery.

The Alternative Gallery is located on the first floor of the HIVE Blackpool building.

The exposed red brick, cement flooring, concrete pillars and copper piping make this space the ideal location for the modernism of today’s artists and creatives.

The wide wall of windows looking onto the high street allows for incredible natural lighting, while industrial lighting ensures events can also be accommodated in the evenings and in darker months.

Two walls are made completely available to exhibiting artists, with a copper piping & clear wire hanging system making the curating of pieces of all shapes and sizes easy and straightforward.

Trust us- this gallery space elicits gasps.

Some of our community

The HIVEArts community is the backbone of the enterprise.

Our grassroots, non-profit organisation extends well beyond its board members, boasting an incredible number of volunteers, silent sponsors and supporters.

The art community in Blackpool is vast and incredibly talented, and luckily for us, they recognise our vision to create a supportive community that will benefit the town as a whole. They constantly work hard to produce amazing pieces, introduce us to amazing people and lend a hand or words of support whenever they’re needed.

HIVEArts is absolutely a team effort, and this is why we love it as much as we do.